Milan April 4th 12,30 at the Salone del Risparmio

ESG: Between Fiction and Reality
Banks vs FANG: a challenge beyond Fintech

FAANG stocks with a + 380% of Apple and an 8000% of performance beat the S&P index that since August 2008 has risen only 115%, while cryptocurrencies have left the game!!!

While many are wondering about a new speculative bubble, the success of FAANGs stretches the rally of American stock markets indefinitely, dragging the development of new digital financial services of the Fintech era towards new heights.

Italy unfortunately remains among the worst economies in the world in terms of cash reliance according to the Community Cashless Society Observatory.
This complicates the challenge between the various players in the European banking ecosystem. Meanwhile, the European authorities are strenuously committed to the evolution and harmonization of the payment system and to push banks to trim additional charges on cross-border payments in order not to hinder the consolidation of a single European payment market. For example, the TIPS tool, Target Instant Payment Settlement, was born as a pan-European tool for instant payments across 19 states and to actively help banks compete with Apple, Google, Amazon and Alibaba on digital and contactless payment services. Will this be enough? And what turn has this challenge taken now that all the attention of markets and investors has shifted to a new trend for ESG investments, making it  clear that the combination between Fintech and sustainable finance is the new frontier. Hence, the creation of sustainable Fintech where the digitalization process becomes a  growth opportunity for the country in compliance with the principles that in our Manifesto regard Diversity & Inclusion  as a  priority.

For this reason  the ‘Empower your Life’ Think Tank brings a debate on these issues to the Salone del Risparmio as a first initiative, by offering, through its website and its Newsletter, a number of  constructive  and shared set of thoughts to the Asset Management industry, most notably to  Asset Managers to get Diversity & Inclusion to  actively engage with today’s issues and build a sustainable future for all.

We of the  “EMPOWER YOUR LIFE” Think Tank firmly believe that:
Ensuring high quality broadband access is compelling for everyone to bridge the digital gap between gender, age, income and education. It is also crucial to:

  • Strengthen people with the necessary capabilities to succeed in a digital economy and society in order to prepare for a massive training  challenge, radically rethinking educational systems, promoting fundamental skills and lifelong learning, addressing concerns about new emerging forms of work and improving social protection to ensure that no one is left behind.
  • We therefore believe that by  increasing data access in order to promote digital innovation between people, businesses and governments, whilst taking into account legitimate national, private and security interests and embracing a global digital agenda of new and complex issues – including competition rules, privacy, cross-border data and data flows, inequalities and their relationship with digital transformation – a new democracy will emerge in the digital age for the future of companies together with a better measurement of the virtuous effects of digital transformation in a socially and economically sustainable ecosystem.

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