Think Tank #EmpowerYourLife: together for diversity, inclusion and sustainability

An initiative born from Global Thinking Foundation’s experience and shared with a group of women who represent the nine major foreign financial institutions, together to support the importance of Financial Education, Diversity, Gender, Social and Economic Inclusion.

The Think Tank “Empower Your Life” is a project that involves initiatives aimed to highlight the importance of fundamental issues regarding the economic and social sustainability of countries.

It is the first time that a no profit foundation, specialized in financial education, sustainability and diversity, manages to gather nine of the most important asset management companies – Allianz GI, Fidelity International, Invesco, JP Morgan AM, Lazard Fund Managers, Nordea AM, Pictet AM, Schroders, Standard Life Aberdeen, State Street – that are very sensitive to these topics.

Empower Your Life”, the name of this Think Tank, perfectly summarizes the inner meaning of this initiative: financial literacy and awareness, in fact, are the main steps for the evolution of our society. They are essential in order to reach the complete social and gender inclusion, to protect and enhance diversity and to understand the value of sustainability in a financial and economic-oriented culture.

The manifest

Competence is gender neutral

the development of economic and financial skills is essential and indiscriminately crucial, as much as any other knowledge

You can change this

everyone can support gender equality by taking responsible actions in their own working environment

Keep diversity top of mind

diversity includes active policies in the labor market, connected to social and ethical responsibility, integration and mutual respect

No more glass ceiling

“glass ceilings” damage the creation of prolific processes of competition and productivity, since they prevent wage equality and the chance for women to reach top-management positions

Innovation is a state of mind

the digital revolution represents an opportunity to embrace change and innovation in a proactive way; the “technological unemployment” can be fought with education

Unlock potential and manage energy

the current labor market challenges people to maximise their own potential and to channel their energies towards a professional growth

Financial inclusion for a sustainable growth

the economic growth of a country gets across the full awareness of social and economic inclusion dynamics

Vision first: inspired by experience

success can’t be achieved with improvisation, but with shared and strong expertise, in order to reach any aspired goal

Who we are

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